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Hidden Path of Faery

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A small curiosity shop is now your very own. Within it stands a very large and ancient tree said to have mysterious powers. At one glance, you notice a tiny fairy beckoning for attention. As you approach the fairy, it speaks of an impending catastrophe and asks for your help. What awaits you is an enchanted world that is as magical as it is strange. Follow the fairy's request and help her restore equilibrium to her world and ours by finding the Book of Worlds. Look for clues, overcome numerous puzzles, meet fascinating creatures, and much more. As you begin to identify thieves among suspects, you will slowly start restoring order and balance in this colorful land.

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  • Travel through a magical and mysterious world in this Hidden Object adventure.
  • Help a fairy locate the Book of Worlds to restore order.
  • Unlock and use magical objects throughout your journey.
  • Search for helpful items and overcome numerous puzzles.
  • Meet fascinating creatures to identify thieves among suspects.

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