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Sky Taxi 3 - The Movie

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A big movie studio is in town filming their next action-blockbuster and they have selected Mich from the Rescue Squad as their lead hero. His mission is to catch Mr. Big Man, a notorious gangster, and his minions before they take over the world. Are you brave enough to help Mich on this fantastic journey? Run, jump, bounce, and fly your way through 115 levels of classic platform fun. Use teleports, speed boosters, jump balls, and many other cool items to get past obstacles and defeat Mr. Big Man's cronies. Find secret items and passageways, collect coins to earn bonuses, pick up goodies for extra points, and battle 11 Super Bosses. Enjoy hours of arcade entertainment at its best.

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  • Run, jump, and pounce your way through this fun Platform sequel.
  • Stop a notorious gangster and his minions from taking over the world.
  • Challenge your way through 115 levels, including 11 Boss battles.
  • Use teleports, speed boosters, jump balls, and other cool items.
  • Find secret passageways, collect coins for bonuses, and goodies for extra points.


  • Editor Alawar
  • Plataforma PC
  • Tamaño 91.11MB
  • Categorías Infantiles

Requisitos del sistema

  • Direct X DirectX 8.0
  • Procesador Processor: Pentium 3 800 MHz
  • Memoria 256 MB RAM
  • OS Windows 7/Vista/XP